The Deluxe Worm Shi*fter, a new high quality piece of worm farming equipment.

Red Worm or Night Crawler Harvester  –  $3245.00*


*Machines shipping to countries with 50 Hz, 230V power standards are $3245.00 because of the special order 1/3 Hp motor and non-standard wiring and mounting required. These countries include most far eastern and European countries as well as some South American countries.

step 2

Rapid Tamping Platform  –  $225.00

worm sifter

Additional screen carrier assembly w/chutes  –  $500.00

screen frame

Additional pre-screening carrier assembly w/o chutes – $325.00.

Add $100.00 with Pre-screening panel for bedding, 1/2″ x 16 ga, powder coated baked enamel flat/expanded metal panel.

Quick insert screens $225.00

1.) 1/2 inch flattened expanded metal baked enamel screen. Full 48 inches.

2.) 1/4 inch perforated aluminum full 48 inches

3.) 1/8 inch perforated aluminum full 48 inches

4.) additional night crawler or redworm screen

We are happy to quote prices on special screen request like stainless steel, heavier gauge aluminum etc. All of our screens use staggered hole spacing but other perforations are available on special order. Screens can be sized to fit in other non standard screen frames and drop shipped from our supplier. Most parts on the Worm Shi*fter are non-proprietary and can be purchased locally or on line.

Screen Installation

Insert screen into screen carrier

Slide forward over chutes

Complete pushing forward

Align with holes in side of screen carrier

Push four locking bolts in aligned holes

Place lockwashers, flat washers and nuts on four bolts

Tighten all four nuts

Drive three washer head screws into carrier crosspiece at arrows



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