Submitted by Tim Herron, Herron Farms  706-531-4789

African Night Crawlers  are by far the Best earthworm for vermicomposting with the exception of the European Nightcrawler,  Both Worms put the Red worm to shame. There is a whole lot of misinformation on the web about these worms and how to raise them, they have proved to me, they are one of the easiest worms to raise, period.

These Worms are awesome for Fishing, they are and act like huge red worms, no refrigeration needed, mater of fact they like it Hot, 80 deg. is pretty fair. but they stand the cold much better than thought or reported on the net. I have been steered away from these worms for years, I wish I knew before, what I know now.

African Nightcrawlers are one of the most sought after worms for their worm castings. Although the quality of the worm castings are the same as other worms, the African nightcrawler produces the prettiest looking to the naked eye. African nightcrawlers also make an excellent fishing worm as they are smaller than the Canadian nightcrawler, however are much more livelier as well as tolerant to warmer waters.

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