Many people have asked me about using the Worm Sifter with a worm casting conveyor system so that castings and cocoons would be transported directly from the casting and egg/cocoon chutes to the intermediate storage bins.

casting conveyor

Flexible Screw Conveyor

I think the most efficient way to do this would be to put the Worm Sifter on raised platform directly over a casting chute and a cocoon chute that directly feeds onto a worm casting conveyor to transport the product to large bins.  Today you can purchase flexible screw conveyors that are designed for transporting granular and powdered material through tubes so they are clean and spillage is not a problem. In this way large operations could use multipal Worm Sifters in series and parallel to process thousands of pounds of castings a day.

This system would be modular in design and Worm Sifters could be added or removed as needed. Not only would it be possible to use a worm casting conveyor for the output of the system, but over head input hoppers could also be fed by gravity from a main supply bin with feeding tubes routed over each individual machine that would meter the worm, casting and cocoon mix to the Worm Sifters at just the right speed.

conveyor system

Example Flexible Conveyor System

The advantage of such a system is its modularity. If one sifter broke down another could be rolled in to replace it or it could simply be turned off and rolled out for quick repair. I am getting a little ahead of myself here and don’t have any mechanical drawings for the system but I have a logical block flow in mind. I will add drawings at some future date as the idea matures in my mind.

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