Many people have asked me if the Worm Shi*fter will separate red worm eggs from castings like it sifts night crawler eggs from castings and the answer is YES. The most popular Red Worm is commonly called the Red Wiggler, the botanical name, Eisenia Fetida.

Nightcrawler eggs are larger than nightcrawler castings so they won’t fall through the 1/8 inch holes of the casting screen and instead move on down to the 1/4 inch holes of the egg screen where they will fall through. This isn’t true for the small Red Worm egg which measures 2 mm to 3 mm that will easily fall through the 1/8″ casting holes which are 3.17 mm.

We have developed a red worm screen which is similar to the night crawler screen. Instead of using 1/8″ perforated aluminum followed by 1/4″ perforated aluminum we use a 3/32″ perforated screen followed by a 1/8″ screen. Below is a picture of Red Worm eggs relative to one thin dime.

Castings fall through the 3/32″ holes but the cocoons and hatchlings pass over that screen and the cocoons pass through the 1/8″ perforations of the following screen. Hatchling worms, the tiny babies, will pass over the 1/8″ holes and most will fall off the end with the red worms.

How many Red Worm Eggs can you put on the face of a dime?

red worm eggs

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