asa hat copyHello, worm farmer and welcome to the Worm Shi*fter web page. My name is Harry Hopkins and I invented the Brockwood Worm Shi*fter, the first reciprocating three stage worm harvester. The Worm Shi*fter separates worms, castings, and cocoons in one 20 second pass for a 3.5-gallon container.  I also invented the Brockwood Stall Shi*fter for the equine industry. The Stall Shi*fter is for cleaning horse stalls where it separates horse manure from saw chip bedding. Both machines are identical except for the screen.

One day I got a call from a worm farmer who questioned me about the Stall Shi*fter. During our discussion, he explained that he was in the vermiculture business and raised African Night Crawlers. He was using a large mechanical machine that was cumbersome, loud and frequently malfunctioned. We put our heads together and designed a new screen for the Stall Shi*fter that would sift worms, castings, and cocoons in a single pass.

I have been developing, improving and selling my Stall Shi*fter since 1997 so it is well tested in the field. I have customers who use them 4 hours per day, 365 days per year since then. The very first production machine sold is still in use today. I am not a worm farmer and what I know about worm farming I learned from my worm farmer customers. I am more of a gearhead problem solver interested in making tasks easier with new tools.

bloomingfoods1This is my first attempt at establishing a two-way communication on my web page. My hope is to provide a platform for discussing any and all aspects of worm farming. As the Blog develops it will be possible for a worm farmer to ask and answer questions and share ideas about the vermiculture industry. Hopefully, you will post your comments on the Blog and help get the dialog going. If you open up a new subject I will categorize it and post it.

Thanks for your Time



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